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About Us

Headquartered in Fitchburg, Mass, ASI Group Corp., was incorporated in 2006. From the beginning, the mission of this company was , to provide superior solutions and service to our clients. To achieve those goals we must deliver solutions or products that are uniquely developed to our clients needs. We are aware that with a focus of quality, customer requirements and customer feedback we will be able to deliver these solutions today and in the future.

Because we are a multinational company we get insight from businesses and consumers around the world. This gives us a global perspective on the needs and solutions of a specific region of the world. Often those needs and solutions can be transported and implemented to our clients in other areas of the globe. We see this ability to deliver solutions beyond borders as a strength of the ASI Group.

Our innovation in the development of people, products an services will help ASI Group remain a competitive company today and in the future. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to deliver the solutions that can help our business clients prosper and our consumer clients satisfied in the use of our products.