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Plastics Staffing Solar Energy Import/Export


"ASI Group provides a diverse collection of products and services to solve the needs of businesses and consumers today and tomorrow"

ASI Group Corp is a multinational company providing an array or products and services in Plastics Manufacturing, Staffing , Solar Energy and the Import/Export of products. The company is driven by the delivery of high quality products and services that meet the needs of its clients around the world.

Our business solutions in industrial staffing help clients provide the unique people resources needed to accomplish the full spectrum of task in a manufacturing environment from machine

  1. disability equipment

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operators to product assembly to management personnel. Our Import/Export  services help companies and consumers deliver products to markets around the world.

ASI Group Plastics division manufactures or provides contract manufacturing of plastic products (i.e. plastic containers, household products etc.) that solve an array of business and consumer needs. One of the next frontiers in energy is Solar Energy and ASI Group has positioned itself to be a provider of Solar energy to meet the growing demands for energy. To find out more about our business solutions, complete the inquiry form on the contact us page or call us at 877.894.9292.



Featured Product

Plastic Container

ASI Groups Plastics Division manufactures consumer plastic containers that are used in the storage of food items. It's unique vacuum lock design ensures food items remain fresh.